Thursday, June 7, 2012

Now I love Linux but it can't replace Windows

I must say after installing and using Ubuntu 12.04 on my Dell Studio XPS 1647 that I am in love with the operating system. However after I began trying to get into web development stuff again and start using javascript libraries like three.js. I realized I have been spoiled by developing in Visual Studio in Windows. Maybe I am the only one that feels like I am trying to write code in the dark ages when trying to edit javascript in notepad. I tried to download and use Eclipse and setup the Javascript IDE so I could set up three.js projects with code completion and0 intellisense like capabilities. I want code validation and easy previewing as I am coding. The thing about three.js is that it will not load files from the hard drive directly. They must be located on the webserver. This means that in addition to some kind of IDE I figured out that I could install and setup apache2 on Ubuntu and redirect the public folder to my choosing. This way I could view my projects by going to addresses in the browser such as localhost/threejsDemo.

I felt like this was a great setup for a long time and I am still a fanatic about Linux now. I feel like my laptop doesn't get nearly as good of performance. I know for a fact that the ATI proprietary driver for linux is not nearly as good as the latest ones on Windows. The CPU does not feel nearly as quick (probably no hyperthreading/turboboost). As I began adding more and more javascript libraries and more functionality eclipse seemed to slow to a crawl and I would get errors every so often. It would always seem to run out of ram. It attempted code validation with each edit and something was just not working well. I feel like if I could get some hardware that have well supported linux drivers then that will be the way to go. For now though I have switched back over to Windows 7 for the past couple days and now I notice the performance difference was drastic. And when I was getting comfortable just yesterday I saw that I could download a brand new shiny IDE in Windows land...


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